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Shindigz Raises $1500 for B.A.B.E. of Whitley County

CEO, Matt Wojewuczki, Shawn Ellis from B.A.B.E. of Whitley County and Christy Phend.

CEO, Matt Wojewuczki, Shawn Ellis from B.A.B.E. of Whitley County and Christy Phend.

Shindigz LOVES to make life more fun and that’s no different when it comes to the tiniest people in the community. For the fourth consecutive year, Shindigz Party Hosts hosted a fundraiser for one of their favorite local organizations, B.A.B.E. of Whitley County. This organization helps hundreds of families in Whitley County. B.A.B.E. was established as a coupon incentive program for pregnant women and families to consistently participate in programs and services provided that benefit the health and well being of infants and young children. This ensures that these children are given the best possible start in life. The coupons can be redeemed for diapers, wipes, cribs, high chairs, sippy cups and other infant and toddler related items.

In April, Shindigz had a Penny War between departments with the winning team receiving a pizza party. This fundraising campaign brought in $1326. CEO, Matt Wojewuczki,decided to round the donation up to $1500. The giant check was presented to Shawn Ellis, director of B.A.B.E. of Whitley County, this morning at the company meeting.

“People at Shindigz are really passionate about B.A.B.E. and they prove it every year by bringing in more and more money for B.A.B.E.” says Christy Phend, who leads the fundraising efforts every year.  She continues, “It’s also really fun to have a competition between departments. The competitiveness really gets us all fired up and at the end of the day, it’s B.A.B.E. that really benefits from it.”

The $1500 gift from Shindigz will be matched dollar-for-dollar through the Lutheran Foundation’s $10,000 matching grant.

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Shindigz Turkey Bowling: Where Champions and Dinner are Made.

TurkeyBowling_0175For the 237th year in a row (not really), Shindigz Party hosts gathered, much like the pilgrims did, to throw a frozen turkey at bowling pins. Excitement over this sacred event has been growing for weeks in anticipation for one shot at winning a turkey for their own Thanksgiving dinner. (Don’t worry, they didn’t win the one that was thrown.) Many Party Hosts arrived to work early and no one was silly enough to plan a vacation day on the most exciting day on the Shindigz calendar.

Gloves were distributed (Because, really? Eww.) and Party Hosts lined up to cheer for their co-workers. Many Party Hosts have years of experience at throwing turkeys and that really showed as the veterans of this grand tradition got strike after strike. Shock rang out through the crowd when Scott Howard successfully threw two strikes in a row. Scott has only been with Shindigz for 10 months and has never thrown a turkey in his life. “No one was more shocked than myself. Especially with the second strike.” Scott, social media specialist, stated. He continued “If I knew I could throw frozen turkeys like this, I’d be doing it a long time ago.”

After an epic show down from the north and south building winners, two winners emerged. 1st prize, also known as the Big Gobbler Award, went to Ryan Pugh and the runner-up, Kris Wurst, won The Little Hen Award. In addition to the totally awesome sashes they get to wear all day, Ryan won a free turkey and Kris received cornish hens for their outstanding Turkey Bowling abilities. The 2nd shift and 3rd shift teams will be having their own bowl-offs later this evening.

Shindigz provides many fun events like this one through out the year for their Party Hosts. Not a week goes by without a fun event of some sort sponsored by the fun and wellness team. Would you expect anything less from a party company?


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Shindigz Holds Annual Health Fair Party

One of the many perks of working at Shindigz is an annual health fair. Like most company events, Shindigz turned the IMG_3097Health Fair into a party. This year’s health fair had a carnival theme complete with Carnival Decorations and balloons. Party Hosts went through their yearly health screenings for an opportunity to earn an insurance discount in 2014. Party Hosts had their BMI, body fat, blood pressure and cholesterol checked so they can see their results compared to last year. Shantel Sleighter, Product Improvement Manager at Shindigz said “This was the best health fair that I’ve ever participated in. I’ve been looking forward to weighing in after eight months of hard work in the Shindigz Fitness Room.” Shantel is one of the many Party Hosts that has worked towards and met a weight loss goal through hard work and dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

Many health related companies participated in the health fair including Physicians Health Plan, Parkview, AVI Nutrisource and more. Party Hosts had the opportunity to have conversations with each company representative, learned more about healthy lifestyles and received many tips for pursuing or continuing a healthy lifestyle. The highlight for most Party Hosts was the free chair massage provided by Cheryl McCurley, LMT.

Another perk for Party Host was the opportunity to win some major swag. The following Party Hosts received prizes yesterday:

Steve Weber          AVI donated a Bike
Rachel Christman   PHP Bag with goodies
Nathan Christoffel    Subway Gift Card
Rachel Stephens    3 Rivers Water Bottle
Craig Sroufe           3 Rivers Water Bottle
Kassi Ringler          3 Rivers Water Bottle
Aggie Hartz            Subway Gift Card
Harrison Hapner      Subway Gift Card
Teresa Bills            Subway Gift Card
Melonie Sroufe       Shiindigz Bucks
Krista Bowling        Shindigz Bucks
Mick Ray               Subway Gift Card
Craig Sroufe           Shindigz Bucks
Mariah Keirn          Shindigz Bucks
Whitley Staller       Subway Gift Card
Jessica Gamble    $25.00 Gas Card

Shindigz has implemented many health related programs this year and looks forward to promoting more healthy options in 2014.

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No One Throws a Halloween Party Like Shindigz

GroupHalloween is a BIG Deal at Shindigz! Party Hosts gathered in Party Central for their annual Halloween party. Many Party Hosts got into the Halloween spirit by showing off their creative costumes. From Honey Boo Boo to Bat Girl to Ghost Busters, Shindigz Party Hosts were dressed in many different characters. Different games were played throughout the morning with various prizes. Costume contest winners received a bouquet of candy while others received gift cards and Shindigz bucks. Personalized Halloween favor boxes were given to everyone with treats to enjoy.

Celebrating Halloween has been a long standing tradition for Shindigz. Past Halloweens have included a decorating and costume contest between departments, participating in the local zoo’s Halloween, visiting elementary schools, waving at traffic along the highway and there’s always a Halloween Party. Last year, Party Hosts even decorated pumpkins to look like their bosses.


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Shindigz IT Director Gets Dunked for a Good Cause

Fotor0829144543The long awaited day of the IT Director getting dunked at Shindigz finally arrived. Shindigz Party Hosts eagerly gathered in the parking lot this afternoon for their chance to dunk Gary. Earlier in August, Shindigz teams competed for a chance to choose which director would sit in the dunk tank while they raised money for school supplies. Shindigz Party Hosts raised over $1300 worth of school supplies for South Whitley’s Days of Hope community event. The winning team chose Gary, the director of IT. Earlier this week, raffle tickets were sold for the opportunity to throw three balls at the dunk tank. Additional higher priced tickets were sold for an automatic dunk. Over $90 was collected and donated to this great cause. Gary was a great sport and was even armed with a water gun in an attempt to distract the people throwing the balls. His attempt was not successful and he was dunked many times.

Shindigz Party Hosts look forward to more fundraising opportunities through out the remainder of the year as an effort to #MakeLifeMoreFun.

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Moe’s Southwest Grill Comes to Shindigz

moes“Welcome to Moe’s!” could be heard through out both Shindigz buildings today as Shindigz’s summer celebration continued. For the past few months, Shindigz Party Hosts have been treated to lunch from a CJ’s food truck, a delicious outside barbeque, ice cream Tuesdays, salad days and even a margarita party. Today was an extra special day with lunch catered by Moe’s Southwest Grill. Party Hosts were able to create their own tacos, burritos and nachos from Moe’s delicious selection of chicken, beef, rice, beans, veggies and, of course, Moe’s famous queso. Plus Party Hosts enjoyed all the chips and salsa they could eat.

As summer winds down, the Fun and Wellness team has started planning more ways to #MakeLifeMoreFun for all Shindigz employees.

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Shindigz Raises Over $1300 for Days of Hope School Supply Collection

days-of-hope-kids2It’s back to school time all over the country and Shindigz recognized a need for school supplies for children in their own community. Shindigz has been collecting school supplies for two weeks so they could contribute to South Whitley’s “Days of Hope”. This community event provided free school supplies, hair cuts, school outfits and after school snacks for everyone in the community. The day even started with free breakfast, popcorn, cotton candy and a bounce house. Over 50 families rely on help from this annual event.

Shindigz collected over $1300 worth of school supplies during their collecting campaign. Like most things, Shindigz turned this fundraiser into a competition. The team that collected the most money or school supplies would be able to choose  one of the directors to be dunked in a dunk tank. Shantel Sleighter, Product Development Coordinator at Shindigz, lead this fundraising challenge. Shantel stated “I joined the Days of Hope team because I have a soft spot for children and I love to help others. On the last day of the collection, I went around asking for additional donations, I asked everyone I saw. I was overwhelmed by the response, my amazing co-workers gave over $500 on the last day! Because of their generosity, we exceeded our goal of collecting 100 filled backpacks!!

Shindigz employees love helping the community in various ways all year round including collecting donations for Whitley County BABE, collecting food for the local food bank, and donating pet supplies to the Humaine Society of Whitley County.

How do you #MakeLifeMoreFun for your community? Tell us on Twitter.

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Shindigz Holds Cornhole Tournament

IMG_2687Summer is full of fun activities at Shindigz. Today, the first round of a month-long cornhole tournament began. Party Hosts braved the heat to play earlier this morning in this single elimination tournament. Party Hosts were randomly assigned a partner in an effort to get to know employees from other departments. The next round will begin in two weeks which will give the remaining teams plenty of time to practice their cornhole skills.

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