Shindigz Internet Team Holds Hostess Memorial

At Shindigz, the internet marketing team prides themselves on being up-to-date with what’s trending on Twitter. This morning when news broke about Hostess going out of business, the team immediately discussed their favorite Hostess treats.  “It’s a tragedy that my future grandchildren will not know the nostalgia behind the Hostess brand. We’ll forever know the feelings of Woody Harrelson in the movie Zombieland with his desperate search for a Twinkie” said Shelly Eads.

By afternoon, the team decided to show their support for Hostess by pooling their money together to purchase a variety of Hostess treats to enjoy.  As Kassi Ringler enjoyed possibly her last Twinkie she stated “I’m really going to miss this.”

As the internet marketing team mourns the loss of one of their favorite American brands, they can’t help wonder if this is a sign of the apocalypse. What’s your favorite Hostess treat? Share yours in the comment section below.

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