January Wellness Week: Keeping Your Resolution

Shindigz kicked off their first Wellness Week of 2013 on Monday with fun events planned for each day. The theme for January’s Wellness Week is “Keeping Your Resolution”.  “We wanted to help people be successful with their resolutions this year. We wanted to relate to all people, and we think each day’s theme will impact everyone in a different way. The goal is to see people succeed!” states Shantel Sleighter, Product Improvement Coordinator and also the creator of this month’s wellness week.


Money Saving Monday – The Fun Team provided Piggy Banks for each Party Host so they can ‘stache your cash. Budget worksheets are available in both break rooms so Party Hosts can learn better ways to manage their money.

Time Out Tuesday – Party Hosts will commit to give up a bad habit for 24 hours. Smokers can even trade in their cigarettes for candy cigars.

Weight Loss Wednesday – Participate in a Zumba class to win prizes. Party Hosts can win Shindigz Bucks, a free session of Zumba and Zumba bracelets for participating in Zumba. Shindigz now offers Zumba twice per week.

Tackle Your Stress Thursday – At 12:30 p.m., Party Hosts can join a Lunch n’ Learn session regarding managing stress. The personal trainer, Charlie, will be leading this educational 30 minute session. A healthy lunch will also be provided.

Family Fun Friday – There will be board games in the break rooms so party guests can take a break and play a game. The games can also be played with their families to create a fun family night.

Shindigz has a wellness week during each month of the year in an attempt to gain awareness to health in the workplace. Shindigz also offers personal training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Zumba classes twice per week, healthy vending machine options and more.

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