Shindigz Raises Over $1300 for Days of Hope School Supply Collection

days-of-hope-kids2It’s back to school time all over the country and Shindigz recognized a need for school supplies for children in their own community. Shindigz has been collecting school supplies for two weeks so they could contribute to South Whitley’s “Days of Hope”. This community event provided free school supplies, hair cuts, school outfits and after school snacks for everyone in the community. The day even started with free breakfast, popcorn, cotton candy and a bounce house. Over 50 families rely on help from this annual event.

Shindigz collected over $1300 worth of school supplies during their collecting campaign. Like most things, Shindigz turned this fundraiser into a competition. The team that collected the most money or school supplies would be able to choose¬† one of the directors to be dunked in a dunk tank. Shantel Sleighter, Product Development Coordinator at Shindigz, lead this fundraising challenge. Shantel stated “I joined the Days of Hope team because I have a soft spot for children and I love to help others. On the last day of the collection, I went around asking for additional donations, I asked everyone I saw. I was overwhelmed by the response, my amazing co-workers gave over $500 on the last day! Because of their generosity, we exceeded our goal of collecting 100 filled backpacks!!

Shindigz employees love helping the community in various ways all year round including collecting donations for Whitley County BABE, collecting food for the local food bank, and donating pet supplies to the Humaine Society of Whitley County.

How do you #MakeLifeMoreFun for your community? Tell us on Twitter.

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